Helisma Putri

About Me

Apricot Apricot Apricot Apricot PANG !

Dengan energi kegembiraanku, aku akan menghangatkan suasana !

Panggil aku ceu Eli !

There’s a little girl coming from the west. She used to call herself as Happiness Virus to everyone. All she knows is korean culture but she loves to spread happiness and joy to people around. She maybe not the brightest but she’s the colorful one, she is maybe not the clever one but she’s the cheerful among the squad. She’s coming this far just to spread the happiness to everyone, at some moment she could be down not because everyone not like the jokes or stuff like it just because she’s having insecurities by what’s she doing but now she didn’t care much about that since there’s a lot of people now standing beside her. She is Helisma Mauludzunia Putri Kurnia, my, your, our virus of happiness.

Full Name : Helisma Mauludzunia Putri Kurnia
Nickame : Eli
Date of Birth : 15 Juni 2000
Blood Type : O
Horoscope : Gemini
Body height : 165cm